Who is Marguerite Belafonte? Wiki, Age , Net Worth, Fact About HArry Belafonte’s Ex Wife

Marguerite Belafonte

Marguerite Belafonte, while not as universally renowned as her former spouse, the iconic singer and activist Harry Belafonte, has led a life intricately woven with moments of exposure, stemming from both her marital ties and personal pursuits.

Early Years

Insights into Marguerite’s early life are less extensively documented compared to her famed ex-husband’s. Born as Marguerite Byrd, her precise birthdate remains discreet, which is not uncommon considering the era she grew up in and her preference for privacy.

Union with Harry Belafonte

Marguerite and Harry Belafonte exchanged vows in 1948. Their marital journey welcomed the arrival of two daughters: Adrienne and Shari. Shari Belafonte, their younger offspring, ventured into the entertainment world following her father’s footsteps and carved out her identity as an actress, model, and vocalist.

Nevertheless, akin to numerous high-profile relationships, Marguerite and Harry encountered hurdles. After close to a decade of companionship, the couple opted to part ways, finalizing their divorce in 1957.

Life Beyond Divorce

Following their separation, Marguerite opted to remain inconspicuous, distancing herself from the ceaseless spotlight that accompanied her former spouse. Her life remained private, with sporadic media mentions, primarily linked to her daughters or events connected to Harry.

Financial Standing

Marguerite Belafonte’s precise financial standing is not publicly disclosed. However, given her association with Harry and the potential settlements or shared assets resulting from their partnership, it’s plausible that she enjoyed a comfortable financial situation. In contrast, Harry Belafonte’s well-documented net worth is attributed to his extensive career in music and cinema, along with his activism.

Legacy and Influence

Despite the majority of public discourse around Marguerite revolving around her connection with Harry Belafonte, it’s imperative to acknowledge her as an individual. Raising two accomplished daughters, particularly one who ventured into the demanding entertainment industry, is no minor feat. Her legacy, in many ways, endures through her progeny and the values she instilled in them.


Marguerite Belafonte, despite being overshadowed by her association with a global icon, epitomizes the many women of her era – resilient, private, and foundational to their families’ achievements. While the world may primarily remember her in relation to Harry, her narrative, akin to numerous others, underscores the quiet fortitude and perseverance of countless women who chose privacy over public prominence.