Starbucks Partner Hours App Login Guide

Starbucks Partner Hours

Starbucks, a global coffee giant, places great emphasis on its team members, endearingly referred to as “partners”. To cater to its partners’ needs, Starbucks introduced an app tailored to help them oversee their work schedules, monitor hours, and tap into other job-related details. If you’re one of Starbucks’ valued partners finding it challenging to use the app, this guide is for you. We’ll assist you in the login procedure, step by step.

Getting the App

First things first, make sure you have the Starbucks Partner Hours App on your device.

iOS Users: Head over to the Apple App Store. Search “Starbucks Partner Hours App” and hit download.

Android Users: Pop into the Google Play Store, search “Starbucks Partner Hours App”, and download.

Starbucks Partner Hours

Launching the App

Once you’ve got the app, click on its icon. The primary login screen should appear.

Inputting Your Details

Username/Partner Number: Usually, this is the Partner Number given to you upon your employment. It’s a distinct number sequence.

Password: This would be the password you created either during your introductory session at Starbucks or via the Starbucks partner portal.

A word of caution: Make sure your details are accurate. Any mistakes might hinder your login attempts.

Press ‘Login’

Post inputting your details, click the ‘Login’ option. This should usher you into your main dashboard.

Password Issues?

Forgotten your password? No worries:

Click the ‘Forgot Password?’ prompt on the login screen.

You’ll then need to provide your Partner Number or linked email ID.

Just follow the prompts to reset your password.

Exploring the Dashboard

Now that you’re in, you can:

  • View Schedules: Peek into your upcoming work timings.
  • Adjust Availability: Let your supervisor know of any changes to your availability.
  • Monitor Hours: Keep tabs on the hours you’ve clocked in for the ongoing payment cycle.

Signing Out

It’s good practice to sign out, particularly on communal devices.

Go to ‘Profile’ or ‘Settings’.

Swipe down and choose ‘Logout’.

Additional Pointers:

  • Guard your Partner Number and password; they’re personal.
  • If tech glitches persist, get in touch with your Starbucks branch manager or their tech assistance.
  • Always have the most recent version of the app for a smooth experience and the newest features.

To Wrap It Up

Starbucks’ Partner Hours App is an invaluable resource, streamlining shift planning and hour logging for partners. This guide should simplify your journey through the app. And remember, when in a fix, your Starbucks family is just a call away.”