How to Download Twitter Videos on Android and iOS

Twitter is one of the most trending apps in the world. A lot of people use twitter to keep in touch with global world and many people use it for fun like watching videos, entertainment, etc. They share a lot of videos on a daily basis, but Twitter does not provide them with a service to download them because this is essential due to the copyright rules of the platform. Twitter may not be built for downloading videos. None of the Twitter apps or even the desktop site currently support video downloading. In this article, we’ll show you how to download Twitter videos on Android and iOS. 

Downloading Twitter Videos on Android:

On the Play Store, there are many apps for downloading Twitter videos. Every app has its own quality or features, but here we’ll recommend the simplest and easiest method of downloading Twitter videos for Android.A lot of people have questions regarding video downloads from Twitter; the most common question is How to download Twitter videos on Android and iOS. Here we are talking about video downloading on Android. Let’s move on to the process without wasting any time. 

Step-by-step procedure for downloading Twitter videos on Android:

  1.  Open the Twitter app on your Android smartphone. 
  2. Open the video you want to download.
  3. Copy the support link for the video.
  4. Now open Twitter video downloader website on your phone. 
  5. Paste the copied URL link of the video in the text field of the Twitter video downloader. 
  6. Then hit the Download button on the right bottom of the website page. 
  7. Your video will be saved in the phone gallery automatically after the downloading process.

Downloading Twitter videos on iOS:

Compared to downloading videos from Android, downloading Twitter videos on iOS is challenging. For downloading Twitter videos on an iOS phone, the procedure is totally different. iOS users who want to download Twitter videos need not worry because we will show them how to download Twitter videos on Android and iOS. The Android version has already been covered, and now it is iOS’s turn. Let’s move to the steps without wasting any time.

Step-by-step procedure for downloading Twitter videos for an iOS:

Here is the simple and easiest procedure for downloading videos on iOS. Follow the steps to learn in an easy way:

  1. For downloading videos on iOS, first download the Twitter video downloader. 
  2. If you have not already, open the Twitter app on your smartphone. 
  3. Find the video you want to download by searching.
  4. To copy the URL link for that video, click the share button. 
  5. The bottom right corner will display a browser icon. It will take you to an in-app browser once you tap it.
  6. Open the website by clicking on the link
  7. Then paste the link into the text field and press download button. 
  8.  You will get a download link; click on Download file to start downloading your video and saving it to the gallery.


I am hoping this article will show you how to download Twitter videos on Android and iOS in the simplest way possible. When you get the hang of the procedure, saving videos and GIFs is a breeze from then on.